What is the role of older Siblings in containing the Aggression in Younger Siblings?

It is assumed that children follow the actions of the role models and if the parents show certain traits in the personality, children will learn to adopt them. This means that the same logic can be applied to older siblings as well. For example, if the older child shows patience when it comes to the power wheel, the younger one may also adopt that trait. This means that the aggression in the young child can be contained if the parent and older siblings play their role responsibly. Aggression in children can be triggered for various reasons. For instance, if children do not get their way, it may make them angry or if they are not able to comprehend something. This is not to say that the element of jealousy in terms of sharing the love of parents with the older sibling is not important, however, if the aggression is associated with one reason, it may be factually incorrect.
This implies that if you raise the older siblings well in terms of containing the anger and dealing with the youn…